My Story


Alain L. Raymond, the OBSERVER of life, erupted onto the entertainment industry at the young age of sixteen as a Hip Hop artist on the stages of Montreal, Canada. Unsatisfied with the talents of the local producers, he went on to study Sound Engineering at Trebas Institute for sound. Shortly after, he returned to the studio to record/produce his first album with the sponsorship of Adidas Canada. He pursued his degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Cinematography/Photography at Vanier College then was on his way to Florida on a scholarship to study film at the Orlando International School for Film and Design.

As his artistic vision matured, his talent and skills grew with him. Having written, directed and produced several independent short films, Alain took the big leap for Hollywood but not before getting severals years of experience working for Nickelodeon Studios Florida, Universal Studios Florida and MGM to name a few. After 9/11, Alain put his dreams on an 8 year hiatus to serve in the US Navy as a combat medic/Navy corpsman. Having served two tours in Iraq with the Marine Corps unit 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, he returned a seasoned vet. He furthered his medical training at Stanford University School of Medicine as a Physician Assistant and now serves on the Cardiothoracic/Heart Transplant service at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California.

Alain has combined all his freelance experiences from Universal Studios, MGM Studios, and many other major studios with his training from UCLA, Valencia Community College and various workshops to continuously improve his craft. The sensitivity and keen attention to details required for military life have transpired into his approach to filmmaking and photography with surgical precision.

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Artist Stament

For me, a photo session is an intimate experience, a connection between my subject, the unseen, and me. It is a constant battleĀ of choice, a subtractive progression towards the perfect frame. This body of work represents the fragility of a life, the equilibrium of time and space where a split second represents the lifetime of an action. Our brain is continuously inundated by stimuli that we have become numbed to most sensorial stimuli; things go unnoticed every second. This shows my willingness to capture the subtleties of every day life with an attentive eye.